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Indiana Tent Rentals

Northwest Indiana Tents and Events, formerly known as Steele’s Tent Rentals, is a family owned and operated business in Valparaiso, In. KC Koeppen and his wife Charity have been in the tent and events industry for over 24 years, and purchased Steele’s Tent Rentals in 2006.

Steele’s Amusements is where it all began in 1948! The Steele family began their adventure and succeeded in becoming a staple in the community and well-known in North America’s Amusement Industry.

The Steele family retired the Amusement side of the business in 1978 and Steele’s Tent Rentals was born! The Steele family continued their legacy with the tent rentals until 1995. Dan Rice, KC’s cousin, worked for the Steele family and in 1995 purchased the family business and began the next Chapter of Steele’s Tent Rentals.

NWI Wedding Tent Rentals Valparaiso Indiana 46383

Dan added some chairs and tables to the inventory and continued its success for 10 years. KC began working for Dan in 1996 and continued to learn all parts of the business and loved seeing the setup of parties and events! Charity and KC met and started dating during the summer of 2003 and shortly after Charity began her tent career.

After 10 years working for Steele’s Tent Rentals, Dan gave KC the opportunity to purchase the company. With love for the outdoors, a want to create a legacy of his own, and entrepreneurial spirit KC immediately jumped at the opportunity to own and operate a business he is passionate about. After KC & Charity purchased Steele’s Tent Rentals, they had some work to do, but didn’t know it yet.

They spent the first few years trying to figure it all out, run a small business, raise a family, working full time at other jobs, employees to train, tents to clean, customers to keep happy, etc, etc. After making it through the recession in 2008, they set some goals.

1.To be the best in Customer Service
2. Increase Quality
3. Grow the company

NWI Party Tent Rentals Valparaiso Indiana 46385

Over the last 12 years, the Koeppen’s have been blessed to see the growth before their eyes. Blood, Sweat, and Tears go a long way. In that span they purchased over 18,000 square feet of new tents, over 700 new chairs, 50 new tables and hundreds of feet of new sidewall just to start.

They then purchased the entire business of Northern Indiana Tents and the inventory from 2 other rental companies that closed. After seeing a dramatic increase in business, they decided to change the name to fit the Region. Same family same values new name NWI Tents & Events was born in 2018.

Today NWI Tents has the largest inventory of tents in Northwest Indiana, provides the best customer service around, and has become a name in the community of Porter County and beyond.

Outdoor & Indoor Event Rentals

Summer in the Midwest is the prime outdoor party time. There are graduation parties, weddings, birthdays, showers, and summer cookouts. Tired of searching for the perfect venue or whose garage or basement is big enough? Rent a tent and host any party you want in your own backyard!

We have all the items needed to make it epic! Outdoor venues create a memorable experience that will last a lifetime! We still get compliments to this day about our tented wedding and its decor. When summer is over, the life events still happen for 3 more seasons. We provide the heat and the sidewalls to make that outdoor event as comfortable as an indoor event.

Weather can be unpredictable and sometimes we want more control. So an indoor event is a better option for many, and that’s okay. We can still help. We deliver tables and chairs to venues, homes, basements, and more. Plan your event and lets get this party started.



Northwest Indiana Tents & Events services Indiana, Illinois, and Southwest Michigan. Give us a call at (219) 759-8368

Superior Quality

Every event and every occasion is just as important to us as it is to you. We always make every effort possible to meet and exceed your expectations.

Extensive Tent Inventory

Our extensive tent inventory enables us to configure tents for any situation and make the most of the space provided. Call us today with your custom event.

Expedited Installation

In need of last minute tents or other party rentals? We can help. No other company installs tents quickly as us. Call us today (219) 759-8368.

Overnight Teardown

After the party is over, we can return right away or overnight to tear down your event, leaving your location clean and pristine as prior to the party.

Skilled Labor

Our installation crews have more than 35 years of combined experience erecting all sizes of tents. Only trust your event to skilled professionals.

Safety Standards

NWI Tents and Events is… licensed, bonded, and insured, and we adhere to all the safety guidelines and standards set forth by local codes and state laws.

Great Reputation

There’s a good reason we’ve been in business for so long. It’s excellent customer service. If you are looking for great service at a low price, call us today.

Competitive Pricing

Are you interested in getting the best deal on your tent and party rentals? Yes? Call us at (219 759-8368 for a free no hassle, no obligation quote.

No Job Too Big or Small

There’s no job too big nor too small that we haven’t done before. No matter the size of your event or your budget, we’ve got you covered.





NWI Tents & Events can help you with all of your party rental needs.

Party Tent & Event Rentals

We have a huge inventory of tents to meet your exact needs. Our tents range in size from 10′ to 60′ feet wide, and up to 200′ long. Perfect for all small, medium and large events. We have frame tents and pole tents making us versatile and able to “pitch a tent anywhere”!

Our tents come from the best manufacturers in the industry with the highest standards, strength, and reputation. Thanks to Anchor Industries, Economy Tent International, Aztec Tents, and Miami Missionary Tents for your quality products and service. Our tents are built to the highest commercial quality, and are regularly inspected and cleaned after every event; ensuring you get the safest, cleanest tent rental available.

Table & Chair Rentals

With 24 years of experience, your event is in good hands. We train all our employees and regularly inspect their work on jobsites. Many of our employees are seasoned veterans that can handle any environment or situation with ease. No job is too big or too small.

The majority of our tents are engineered to withstand wind gusts of 50mph. Soil conditions and anchoring methods will affect the stability of all tents. It is always recommended to use stakes when applicable. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we guarantee a successful and safe event when working with Northwest Indiana Tents and Events.


Products Available

We specialize in Weddings, Banquets, Concerts, Graduations, Festivals, Fairs, Corporate Events, Grand Openings, and Backyard or Park Picnic Rentals. Give us a call at (219) 759-8368.

Party Tent Rental

We offer commercial quality tents built to withstand extreme weather conditions. If quality is a concern, look no further. Call today at (219) 759-8368

Table Rentals

NWI Tents and Events has a large selection of table styles and sizes to accommodate small parties or large banquets. Our large selection is unrivaled.

Chair Rentals

With a variety of designs from folding chairs to wedding chairs, let our 35 years of party and event experience help make your day perfect.

Sidewall Rentals

We offer the option of sidewalls for all of our tent installations. These can be used for security, privacy, and protection from the elements.

Pole Tents

No one matches the speed and or safety of our tent installation process. Withing a few hours of your call, we can have your tent assembled and ready to go.

Frame Tents

After the party is over, we can return right away or overnight to tear down your event, leaving your location clean and pristine as prior to the party.

Event Lighting

We offer many different styles of lighting including, perimeter lighting, center pole globes, side pole globes, chandeliers, pin spots, and par style flood lights.

Heating & Cooling

We carry pedestal fans to keep a breeze on hot days. We also carry propane tent heaters with a diffusers to remedy cold events.

Coolers & Chill Tables

Large coolers and chill tables keep food and drinks cold and fresh throughout the party. Don’t constantly run to the fridge. Fill and chill.




Planning, Grading & More

NWI Tents and Events' tents are inspected, cleaned and graded on a regular basis.

Grade A Tents

Grade A tents are top of the line tents for with weddings. The quality is A1 ensuring the tent is bright, crisp, clean and free of spots or stains, great for weddings, corporate events, or galas.

Grade B Tents

Grade B tents are considered party grade. They look nice, but the color might be slightly faded and some minor scuffing, stains, and repairs may be visible.

Grade C Tents

Grade C tents are commercial grade, these tents are structurally strong but will be faded and possibly have visible stains . These tents are most commonly used for events where the only goal is protection from the weather. NWI Tents strives to have the best quality tents, and we will not have many Grade C tents.

Free Estimates

Call us today for your free estimate. (219) 759-8368.



The Best and Most Affordable Party Tent Rentals In NWI.

Size Chart
20×20 With 32 Chairs
20×20 With 48 Chairs
40×40 With 128 Chairs
20×30 With 72 Chairs
20×30 With 48 Chairs
40×60 128 Chairs & Dance Floor
More Sizes Available


We specialize in Weddings, Banquets, Concerts, Graduations, Festivals, Fairs, Corporate Events, Grand Openings, and Backyard or Park Picnic Rentals. Give us a call at (219) 759-8368.

Wedding Tent Rentals

From small backyard weddings to weddings on a grand scale, we have the tent, chair, and table rentals to fit your needs. Call today for your customized quote.

Reception Tent Rentals

The wedding ceremony is over and now it’s time to party! When it comes to reception tents, tables, and dance floors, we’ve got the best. Call us to reserve yours now.

Party Tent Rentals

Everyone loves a great party, and everyone hates bad weather. Don’t let a little rain or the summer sun crash your party. NWI Tents has a tent for every occasion.

Graduation Tent Rentals

It’s graduation season. Getting them to this point has been expensive. But a graduation tent rental package from NWI Tents isn’t. Call now to schedule your rental.

Corporate Event Tent Rentals

If you’re searching for premium tent rentals and customer service, NWI Tents is bonded, licensed, and insured with an impeccable track record. You can count on us.

Communituy Event Tent Rentals

We offer pole tents, peak tents, and frame tents, with or without sides, and even the option of windows. With more selection than the rest, we’ve got you covered.

Fair Tent Rentals

NWI Tents has worked with fairs all across Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan. If your fair or business is in need of tents large or small. call us at (219) 759-8368.

Festival Tent Rentals

Whether it’s big tents, little tents, or lots of tents, NWI Tents has an affordable solution for you. We’ve done this a few thousand times. Trust your festival tents to us.

Backyard Tent Rentals

Birthday party, family reunion, bar mitzvah, quinceanera, no matter what the occasion, we have the perfect tent for any event. Party on Wayne! Party on Garth!




Fast, Friendly, and Affordable Tent and Party Rentals.

BP Amoco
Porter County Fair
Great Lakes Peterbuilt
Valpo Harley Davidson
Arcelor Mittal
City of Valparaiso

Service Areas

We specialize in Weddings, Banquets, Concerts, Graduations, Festivals, Fairs, Corporate Events, Grand Openings, and Backyard or Park Picnic Rentals. Give us a call at (219) 759-8368.

Valparaiso, In

NWI Tents and Events services all areas of Valpo. From a backyard graduation to the Porter County Fair we have a tent just the right size for you.

Chesterton, In

Living close to our beaches meanfa-bahais unique and sandy soil. Our professionals can help you determine the safest tent rental and construction procedures for your event.

Portage, In

If your party is in need of tents, tables, chairs, or coolers, we have everything you need for your next graduation, wedding, or grand opening.

Saint John, In

NWI Tents and Eventshas been providing Lake County Indiana with Event and party rentals for more than 50 years. Call us for your free quote today!

Dyer, In

Scheduling, planning, and hosting an event is made seamless and easy when working with the pros at NWI Tents and Events. Don’t trust your event to just anyone.

Munster, In

We offer pole tents, peak tents, and frame tents, with or without sides, and even the option of windows. With more selection than the rest, give us a call.

Merrillville, In

NWI Tents and Events offers wooden chairs, resin chairs, and metal chair rentals for all parties and events. Call us at (219) 759-8368 with questions.

Chicagoland Area

Our tables include, round tables, banquet tables, and ice tables. No matter how small or large your event, we have plenty of tables and chairs for everyone.

Southwest Michigan

Bring on the fun with a giant inflatable. NWI Tents and Events has many of the latest and greatest tents, tables, and chairs to choose from.






Fast, Friendly, and Affordable Tent and Party Rentals.

Tent Rentals 13
Tent Rentals 14
Tent Rentals 15
Tent Rentals 16
Tent Rentals 17
Tent Rentals 18
Tent Rentals 19
Tent Rental 20
Tent Rentals 21
Tent Rentals 22
Tent Rentals 23
Tent Rentals 24

Tent Rental Specials

We specialize in Weddings, Banquets, Concerts, Graduations, Festivals, Fairs, Corporate Events, Grand Openings, and Backyard or Park Picnic Rentals. Give us a call at (219) 759-8368.

High Peak Tents

High peak tents are the latest trend in tent rentals. We offer 20×20 and 10×10 high peak tents.

20×20 White High Peak Cross-Cable Tent including setup and teardown.


Graduation Package

Our #1 rented tent package throughout the summer for many personal events! Don’t trust your event to weather.

20×20 White fiesta frame tent, (6) six foot lifetime tables, (48) folding chairs, setup and teardown included.


Simple Wedding

NWI Tents & Events has helped hundreds of weddings happen. Give us a call for advice, ideas, visions, and prices.

40×60 White wedding tent, (2) eight foot tables, (136) gray folding chairs, (16) five foot round tables.




Happy Customer Reviews

Over 4527 extremely satisfied customers!

Alan Patterson

High Quality, Low Cost

10th August 2021

We needed a last minute tent for our family reunion. NWI Tents did a great job. Fast and curteous!

Alan PattersonParty Tent Rental
Stacey McDermott

Impeccable Service

25th September 2021

I’ve worked with other companies, but never again. NWI Tents and Events’ attention to detail is second to none.

Stacey McDermottGraduation Party Rental
Terry Nichols

Excellent Customer Service

21th October 2019

We got an exceptional price for our corporate event. I can’t say enough good things about them. Five stars guys! Thank you.

Terry NicholsCorporate Event Rental
Trisha Escalante

Will Definitely Use Them Again

3rd June 2021

We needed an extra tent, tables, and chairs in a hurry. NWI Tents delivered and set them up for us the same day. They saved our reception! 

Trisha EscalanteWedding Event Rental

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